Our latest project came from a new homeowner in Wilton, CT.

They wanted their hardwood floors refinished before moving in.

On our initial inspection we noticed that this home built in the mid 1900’s had four different species of wood flooring!

The main areas consisted of strip white oak. The main set of stairs were red oak. The back set of stairs, pine. But all eyes were on the kitchen and entry which consisted of American walnut wood flooring.

Our client did not like the existing orangey finish on the walnut. It contrasted too much with the medium brown white oak floors adjacent to their spacious kitchen.

Our task was to refinish the entire home and blend the walnut in their kitchen into the white oak in their dining and living room.

Here is Tommy on the edger machine. Sanding the white oak in this Wilton, CT sun room.

We sanded all 4 species down to bare wood.

We chose a stain and custom blended the mix for the entire home. It was a Special Walnut mix. But not in the kitchen! When we applied the stain on their walnut, we noticed quickly that walnut doesn’t take kindly to stains. The floor turned near black!

After some last minute decision making, our owner Tom decided to go with a natural waterbourne finish on the walnut and stain the white oak.

The clear waterbourne finish allowed the American walnut to show its true colors, tan and brown.

To the right of the kitchen you can peek into the dining room where the white oak was stainied with Special Walnut.


American walnut after 3 coats of finish.

Custom Special Walnut stain on white oak. After 3 coats of finish.