We just wrapped up refinishing the second antique home on the same street in Historic Black Rock, Bridgeport CT.

Both homes were built at the same time by the same builder, in 1915.

They truly have stood the test of time. Safe to say this builder knew what he was doing when choosing hardwood. These pair of antique Connecticut homes are built like battleships.

The second and most recent home we refinished was with the same heart pine as in our previous post.

The 1915 heart pine floors were in worn condition.

The homeowner wanted to stay with darker, richer, brown look. So we sanded off all the existing finish. We removed the scratches and dents.

Next we stained the floors with a Provincial dark stain.

You can see below how we were able to bring the life back to these beautiful heart pine floors.


Here you can the Provincial stain as compared to the raw pine look.

Before staining however, we use a wood conditioner product to open up the grain in the antique pine. This helps the wood take our stain more uniformly and less blotchy.

Hallway to the master bedroom.

My favorite part of these antique homes’ wood flooring is that they used long lengths. The planks of heart pine run wall to wall. It is uncommon to see that this day in age. Most of today’s hardwood flooring planks run in shorter lengths.

If you zoom in you can see the long lengths of their heart pine floor. (Except in the middle where a wall was demo’ed).